Cybersecurity Foundations
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Cybersecurity Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Introduction comes with access to an online Academic Package, including case studies, lesson plans, extra readings, and worksheets designed to save instructors' time and allow them to concentrate on the academic achievement of their students.
  • Pedagogy
    Demands, benefits, suggested class structure, and common issues unique to teaching interdisciplinary and cybersecurity courses.

  • Syllabus
    A course overview for students and instructors: required text, course requirements, grading system, schedule, and office hours, as well as a weekly schedule for the course.

  • Extended Reading List
    A list of required and supplementary literature that will be used throughout each lesson in the course.

  • Lesson Plan
    This section provides a rough outline for day-to-day breakdown of class-time for each section, with recommendations for scheduling lecture and discussion, as well as a list of materials for each subject.

  • Case Study
    Relevant case studies from many different disciplines that demonstrate the complexity of cybersecurity.

  • Worksheets
    A compilation of worksheets that will assess the student's retention of cybersecurity knowledge throughout the course.
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