Cybersecurity Foundations
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With daily headlines covering new software vulnerabilities, types of malware, and database breaches, it is hard not to notice the growing prominence of cybersecurity in today’s world. Operating in the borderless realm of cyberspace, cybercriminals can use increasingly advanced tools to wreak immense havoc. Computer systems around the world are in an unprecedented state of vulnerability and the consequences of a successful cyber attack have never been greater. Government, businesses, and individuals depend on computer systems to do everything from carry out business transactions to store personal data. If these systems are compromised or disrupted, the results can be far-reaching and disastrous.

The unique confluence of threat, vulnerability, and consequence makes cybersecurity one of the most pressing challenges of the modern age and highlights the need to cultivate a new generation of individuals with the knowledge and skills required to take on this challenge. I was driven to write this particular book because I felt that the existing literature on cybersecurity has yet to fully capture the interdisciplinary nature of the field. A true understanding of cybersecurity requires a firm grasp on everything from computer science to public policy, from risk analysis to management. It is my hope that, by reading this book, you will come to understand and appreciate the variety of subject areas that encompass the foundations of cybersecurity.

I sought to approach the topic of cybersecurity from both strategic and operational vantage points. I felt that writing a book about cybersecurity necessitated both approaches---the former allowed me to propose big solutions to big problems, while the latter ensured that these solutions remained grounded in a sense of practicality and realism. In order to take on the cyberthreat, the world’s leaders and policymakers will need to couple workable solutions with a broader vision, and I wanted Cybersecurity Foundations to reflect this reality.

The world of cybersecurity is a remarkably complex one, and this book is unlikely to answer all of the questions you may have about the field. However, it is my hope that Cybersecurity Foundations can serve as a stating point of sorts by providing you with the educational tools you need to grasp and understand the cybersecurity challenge.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Lee Zeichner

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